Thursday, December 22, 2016 is a collaborative effort by Houstonians who reject the ideas that dominate our culture today. Our purpose is to present an integrated, rational alternative to Houstonians.

Politically, we are neither progressive (the term that many on the political Left are now using) nor are we conservative. We are advocates of laissez faire capitalism, not the mixture of controls and freedom that exists today. While we will write extensively on political issues, politics is not a primary. Political positions derive from more fundamental philosophical ideas. And so, our focus will be on the fundamental philosophical ideas that underlie whatever issue, event, or topic that we are addressing.

Ethically, we are neither altruists--the view that individuals have a moral duty to self-sacrificially serve others (a view held by both progressives and conservatives)--nor hedonists. We advocate rational self-interest. We hold that it is proper and moral for individuals to pursue their own personal happiness.

Epistemologically (the theory of knowledge), we reject the positions of both progressives and conservatives. Progressives hold that truth is determined by a consensus of "the people," while conservatives hold that truth is revealed to the enlightened few. We hold that truth is accessible to all individuals who choose to use their rational mind and reject emotions as a means for evaluating the facts.

Esthetically, we espouse Aristotle's view that art should depict life as it could be and should be. Art should show man at his heroic best.

We disagree with progressives that humans are inherently poor at making personal decisions and need a paternalistic government to make it through life. We disagree with conservatives that humans are inherently sinful. Certainly some humans make poor decisions and some are sinful, but neither is inherent in human nature. We hold that humans are capable of greatness, and the history of Houston stands as testament to that fact.

For the past century, Houston has stood as a unique city in America. More than any large city in the country, it has rejected the intrusive controls and regulations of city government. Houston's growth and prosperity is a direct result of that fact.

But there are many who want to change Houston and make it more like other cities. They have embraced the ideas and policies of progressives. Despite their criticism of progressives, conservatives have done little to stop the tide, because fundamentally conservatives agree with progressives on every important philosophical issue.

If Houston is to retain its greatness, it must reject these false alternatives. Houston must discover the source of its greatness, and then defend it with the courage and moral rectitude of the defenders of the Alamo.
We invite you to join us in discovering what makes Houston great. Let the Renaissance begin.

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