Writing and Talks

"Idealism and the Rise of American Democracy"  This article is based on a talk delivered to the Houston Objectivism Society in 2009. It examines four sets of ideas--the American System, the Second Great Awakening, Manifest Destiny, and Transcendentalism--during the nineteenth century and the impact of these ideas on the rise of democracy in America. This article is available as a PDF file for $4.95.

"The Practicality of Private Waterways", The Objective Standard, Spring 2010

"Houston, We Have a (Zoning) Problem", The Objective Standard, Spring 2009

"City can't eliminate gangs by behaving like one", Houston Chronicle, July 21, 1994

Government versus Freedom, pamphlet addressing the debate over zoning in Houston

"Progressivism Comes to Houston", The Freeman, February 1990

"Tom Paine's Revolution", The Freeman, April 1989

"Private Cities", The Freeman, March 1989

"The Politics of Space", Spacewatch, April 1988

HTML clipboard Speech to the Houston Property Rights Association, "Defending America's Monument to Freedom", January 16, 2009

Panel Discussion, "The Ashby High Rise", Rice University, April 2008

Speech to the Hobbs, NM Rotary Club, "The Principles Underlying Zoning", April 2007

Hobbs, NM Rotary Club, "Q & A", April 2007

Radio ad, "Zoning Works", played in Hobbs, NM April/ May 2007

Radio ad, "Zoning Board", played in Hobbs, NM April/ May 2007