Monday, October 11, 2010

A Holiday

My posting is going to be sporadic for a while. I have too many business activities demanding my attention (which is good). I am finding it more and more difficult to find time for blogging.

I am also tiring of commenting on negative policies and ideas all of the time, and want to consider a different approach to the blog.


Sean Rainer said...

Hey Brian,
Just wanted to say that I really enjoy the blog. I read it daily and it's a welcome relief from all the other "totally missing the point" blogs/news that I read. Cheers!

Brian Phillips said...

Thanks Sean. I'll be back soon.

SaveHuntington said...


just wanted to get your thoughts on the following:

My town is very aggressively pushing affordable housing. The owners of the property want it, the town wants it and a large group of supporters are very active. The owner of the land says that we are violating his property rights and preventing him from developing his land. My argument is that your land infringes on my right to enjoy my land. Hence, he is a nuisance. What are your thoughts and are there any scholarly articles on this?



Brian Phillips said...

I am confused. You say that "the owners of the property want it" and then say that "the owner of the land says that we are violating his property rights and preventing him from developing his land."

The mere fact that someone prevents you from enjoying your land does not make it a nuisance. I would need to know more about the context, such as, what are the current uses of the land.

Mr. Moderate said...

Affordable housing plus nuisance claim translates to "I don't want a bunch of poor people messing up my neighborhood".

Brian Phillips said...

You may be right. Which is why I want more details before I comment.

SaveHuntington said...

Mr. Moderate,

you and Mr. Phillips are missing the point. If the "state" has become just another arm of whatever pressure group holds sway, then there is no protection of private property rights or individual rights. Witty little banter from Mr. Moderate does not make an intelligent discussion. Please do not encourage him. Just wanted Mr. Phillips opinion on how far the "state" is allowed to bend the law at the behest of those demanding their share of the pie. Something Ms. Rand would not agree with. Let's stay on topic and forget the "poor" people Mr. Moderate is fighting so hard to appease with the muscle of the state.

Brian Phillips said...

I agree that I am missing your point. That is why I asked for more details. Absent more information, I don't know if you have a legitimate complaint or are simply trying to use government coercion for your own "benefit."

I would be happy to comment on your situation, but the facts presented so far are confusing.

SaveHuntington said...

Here is a link to a story that describes what I am talking about:

It's obviously slanted in favor of affordable housing, but the story for the most part is correct. I object to government intervention in housing.

Brian Phillips said...

Thanks for the link. I certainly have a better understanding of the situation now.

Mr. Moderate was right, at least in part.

We have had a very similar situation here in Houston with the Ashby High Rise. I have written on that situation many times on this blog. I have also written on nuisance a number of times.

Government has no moral right to prohibit this project, no matter what a gang of noisy citizens demands. In your situation, it appears that there are numerous political bodies involved, each with its own agenda. And each seems to have the ability to halt development projects. It's a mess.