Thursday, August 5, 2010

Metro's Got a Gun

The Mighty Wizard posts an informative summary of 2 recent events involving Metro board members. (HT: blogHouston) A couple of his comments are worth elaboration.

The issue of parking also came up with the Airport Express buses. Sedlak [John Sedlak, Metro VP] told the audience that Metro "loses a ton of money" running the Airport Express, but was looking at expanding the service to stop by nearby downtown hotels in an effort to pick up ridership. [removed a parenthetical comment]
Only a government agency could think that the way to correct a money-losing service is by expanding it. So long as Metro can continue to force citizens to subsidize its operations the agency has no incentive to do anything that makes financial sense. It can simply grab a gun, go back to the public trough, and demand that taxpayers fork over another billion dollars or so. And that is what it is doing.
Garcia [Metro chairman Gilbert Garcia,] stated that agency leadership was eating, sleeping, going all out to get the $900 million in federal grant money. 
Apparently Metro isn't content to steal only from the citizens of Houston. It wants to pony up to the federal trough as well, and force the citizens of other cities to pay for our light rail.

For years we have been told that Houston needs light rail or myriad ills will befall our city. Just like Houstonians have been told--on 3 separate occasions--that without zoning the city would lose jobs to more "progressive" locales. The statists were wrong about zoning, and they are wrong about light rail.

Our so-called city leaders insist that we must be more like the other major cities in the nation, while ignoring the fact that those cities are losing jobs and citizens. Our "leaders" want us to follow the same failed policies that is crippling other major American cities. If we continue to follow their advice, we will soon be just like those other cities, and that won't be a good thing.


Mr. Moderate said...

Check out the slap down to jitneys that Yellow Cab and Metro had their lackeys on Council impose.

Brian Phillips said...

That is the topic of tomorrow's post.