Thursday, March 4, 2010

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff 43

Porno Nihilists
A group of atheist students at the University of Texas at San Antonio is offering to give pornography to anyone who turns in religious literature. According to the Chronicle:
The "Smut for Smut" campaign is an annual campaign of the group Atheist Agenda at the UTSA campus. Group members contend that religious texts are, themselves, pornographic because of the violence and torture they contain and the sectarian violence they spark.
This is the type of activity that gives atheism a bad name. Rather than promote their own ideas, these students simply seek to attack and destroy the values of others. There is certainly nothing wrong with attacking the irrational--I do my share of that here--but being against something is considerably different than being for something. If the punk students are typical of their ilk, they aren't for anything, except the destruction of values.

Incompetent Thieves
The Houston Housing Authority, which provides financial assistance to help low-income Houstonians purchase a home, is broke-- $9.2 million broke according to the Chronicle. The deficit it seems, has resulted because the city hasn't applied for reimbursement from the state. (HT: blogHouston)

I am not sure which is worse: The city robbing taxpayers to play Robin Hood, or its incompetence.

Postal Service is Broke
In an announcement that seemed to surprise nobody outside of the Postal Service, Postmaster General John Potter let the world know that the government-backed monopoly is broke. To address the situation, he wants to raise prices and reduce services. Rather than continuing to rape taxpayers and postal customers, the government should repeal the Private Express Statutes that prohibit private businesses from delivering the mail. UPS, FedEx and other private companies have clearly demonstrated that they can do a better job delivering packages and parcels. The statutes are nothing more than a tool for political patronage.

No Cuss Week
A California teenager is upset because the state legislature stalled a resolution promoting "No Cuss Week". "I think the politicians are just trying to get attention from the media and get themselves interviewed," the teenager told the media while being interviewed.

While many are applauding Hatch McKay's initiative in promoting "No Cuss Clubs", moving the issue to the political level is sending a very bad message. While the measure is only a resolution at this time, teenagers are learning that if you lobby long enough and loud enough, politicians will respond to your pleas. Frankly, McKay should mind his own #@&$ing business.

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