Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hints of San Francisco

The following letter was printed in the August 3, 2008 Houston Chronicle:

As someone who moved to Houston last year largely due to its reputation for being a friendly pro-capitalism , no-zoning city, I must say that the details of the Ashby High Rise story disappoint me greatly.

Coming from Northern California I was used to people trampling each others' rights and trying to expropriate things through majority rule; I just never expected to see
it here in Houston. I was especially surprised to see the Mayor of Houston making his corruption so transparent by demonstrating that project permitting is not objective, but instead is subject to his whims. If not for the heat I'd think myself back in San Francisco. I therefore urge any remaining Houstonians that believe in such fundamentals as individual liberty, property rights, and the objective rule of law to stand up and be counted – especially in the next round of Mayoral and City Council elections.

Robert Reynolds

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